At Enviroscent, we believe it’s our role + responsibility during this time to make good on two things: ensuring the health and safety of our people (you + our employees) and providing a sense of comfort + relief wherever we can.

Our wellness measures include:

  • Safety: we are regularly wiping down + deep cleaning all surfaces, shared spaces, incoming packages + facilities.

  • Hygiene: we got our hands on a full-stock of soap and hand sanitizers, and our hands have never been cleaner (still in search of toilet paper though).

      If you have questions, just call us at 1-866-435-1832, Monday thru Friday 9am - 4pm EST.  You may also send an email to customers@enviroscent.com for help.

      Product questions or issues?

      We're happy to help. Please contact a customer support representative at 1-866-435-1832, 9am - 4pm EST, Monday thru Friday. You may also email us at customers@enviroscent.com for help.

      Scented Ornaments – for the Tree

      Where should I hang these on my tree?

      For best results, hang in the middle of the tree toward the outer edge, but make sure they are not in direct contact with any other ornaments. As with all fragrance products, this can create a reaction resulting in a damaged ornament.

      How many should I hang on my tree?

      We recommend hanging all six ornaments on your tree. If the fragrance is too strong, then remove as needed.

      Are hooks included?

      Yes, a pack of six swirl hooks is included in every bottle.

      How long will they last?

      Scentsicles Scented Ornaments last for up to 30 days.

      Scented Table Ornaments

      Can I put the fragranced filler in other containers?

      Fragranced product can be used in other glass, unfinished metal, or glazed ceramic containers.

      How long will they last ?

      Scentsicles Table Ornaments last for up to 30 days and are intended to fragrance small rooms and spaces. 

      General Questions

      Do you offer samples of your Scentsicles products ?

      We do not currently offer any samples for our Scentsicles products. We are sure you will love them but if for some reason you are not satisfied, please reach out to our customer support team at customers@enviroscent.com so they can assist you.

      Are your fragrances safe for family and pets?

      If it’s a human allergic reaction or medical condition (i.e. COPD) you’re concerned about, unfortunately, we cannot give recommendations about interactions (or lack of interactions) that fragrances may cause to people with medical conditions. We cannot guarantee that your specific condition or allergy will not be affected.

      As far as the safety of your pets is concerned, we so get that, too! We advise, and state on our packaging, that our products should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. while many of our products do contain a bittering agent that should deter anyone from eating them, we cannot guarantee every person or pet has the same sensitivity. We recommend following your veterinarian’s guidelines, as well as only using our products in a place your pet cannot reach.

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      How do I opt-out of marketing emails

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